My name is Brii, and I am a graduate of the Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts and Tourism Department. In my first semester, I became involved in the Research Coach Project with Robin Reid. During that course, we had Nancy Duxbury as a guest lecturer speaking on the Creatour Project in Portgual; safe to say, it sparked my curiosity in research. Shortly after that, I continued as a work-study student in the Research Department under the leadership of Sukh Matonovich. My research journey only accelerated from there, with stops along the way, as a Research Assistant to Robin Reid, a Research Assistant and Apprentice to Dr. Kellee Caton, Research Ambassador and Community-Engaged Research Fellow.

My interests involve agritourism, nature and community-based development, connection to place, and food tourism, to name a few. With my involvement with the Research Office at TRU, I became a co-creator for CURN, the Canadian Undergraduate Research Network. A site designed for students by students to help provide the tools necessary to succeed in Undergraduate Research. During my time as a Research Ambassador, I was able to help with the creation and direction of CURN; I also partnered with the Social Work practicum students and assisted them through their research journeys.

Through the past few years, I have seen how vast the approach each discipline takes to research genuinely is, especially coming from a Tourism background, where research isn’t a widespread interest at the start of your university career. It has been exciting to see the path other disciplines take and a joy to witness the growth and process of research collaborations. This process has allowed me to support the content creation of CURN and explore the next phase of my journey. Below is a curated collection that showcases my research knowledge.


List of Research Courses:

  • TMGT 2060 People Places and Toured Landscape
  • TMGT 3050 Research in Tourism
  • CRIM 3821 Socio-Ethnographic Research Methods
  • TMGT 4020 Graduating Seminar
Research Findings: Oral Presentation for TMGT 4020.

Research Findings: Oral PowerPoint Presentation for Capstone graduation seminar course TMGT 4020. Click the link below to view or download the full presentation for knowledge mobilization.


Note: This is an altered version of an ePortfolio for the Undergraduate Research Certificate. When originally submitted, the attachments were included in their full length. However, for confidentiality reasons, this showcases the first page of the documents for example purposes.